~7 Quick Takes Friday – Episode 11~

Joining Jen at The Conversion Diary for another Quick Takes!

{Episode 11}

~ 1 ~

I was sick this week.  With what, I don’t know.  Headache, stomach ache, light headed-ness.  It made for a miserable last few days with my sisters and threw me off of my training schedule, which means I am going to die when rehearsals resume on Sunday with a six hour rehearsal, especially since I’m not fully recovered from whatever it was that plagued me!


Part of my training plan included using adjustable wrist and ankle weights during rehearsals to increase my strength.  I ordered them online last week and was super excited when they came in the mail this week – before I got sick.  I think I will wait until next week before adding them to my routine…


Before my sisters left on Thursday, I managed to get in another Angelica Unfiltered episode.  I have one more episode up my sleeve, but for now, read the latest one here.


College football starts in two weeks!  I didn’t follow my teams much last year because I was so incredibly busy, but I’m determined to be a more dedicated fan this year.  Although, I just realized I’m going to need to figure out how to wire myself with a radio since my little sister’s wedding is the same day as an important game!  Not to worry, I’ve got some ideas… And that particular sister doesn’t this blog, so she’ll never know.  That is, she’ll never know until she notices all of our family members signaling me for updates.  Oooo…. we should work out signals ahead of time!

Go Irish!

Go Buckeyes!

Go Spartans!

(Yep, those are my teams!)


Just another Arts Party photo

Andrea & Me


If you didn’t read the aforementioned Angelica Unfiltered episode, then you would have missed the link at the bottom referencing the devastating story of a young man who is being denied a heart transplant because he is autistic.  Please read the post and then sign his mother’s petition.


I’d kinda like to go see the new Bourne movie, but tonight would be the only night Karl and I could go and I know that, after a long and exhausting week, neither of us will be able to stay awake through the whole thing.  I guess this will have to hold me over until we have some extra time and are well-rested:


Head over to the Conversion Diary for more fabulous Quick Takes!

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