~7 Quick Takes Friday – Episode 16~

Jen is back hosting the Quick Takes this week.

{Episode 16}

~ 1 ~

Last week, I mentioned that I was taking Karl to an undisclosed location for his birthday celebration, but I couldn’t say where because it was a surprise (and yes, he did read the post on Friday).  I won’t make you wait till the end of this post to find out.  This is where we ended up and man, was it fun!


At Sunday’s rehearsal, we worked on a set of dances called Mexica (meh-shika), which are based on elements of Aztec tradition.  They are powerful and intense and a whole lot of fun!

Meanwhile, we are six weeks away from showtime!  I sure hope we can pull it all together in time.  If you would like to elebrate Dia de los Muertos with Calpulli and see whether or not we do pull it all togehter, here is a special offer from the company.


Amazon recently recommended a book that was already on my wish list, but had disappeared from my mind.  Now it’s all I can think about!  Dance Anatomy?!  Um, yes please!

photo c/o Amazon


I discovered another great blog this week: The Legal Ballerina.  I could seriously relate to her most recent post about feeling strained and tense in class versus executing movements just fine at home.  I am continually told to work on relaxing my upper body.  I think my tension comes from over-thinking my movements.  I love the technical side of dance, see QT no. 3, but I also love to just dance; to let the music move me rather than me moving to the music.  Somehow, I have to figure out how to let myself be moved by the music while not sacrificing the technical aspect of dance, especially when choreography is involved.  There is a way… Let’s hope I can find it within six weeks!


At least that should keep me busy while I wait with eager anticipation for this:


Maybe I should re-read the book…

ht – The Deacon’s Bench


Both of my teams won again last weekend… I am praying my heart out that they can keep the streak going and keep this football fan smiling!


Karl and I are hitting up SalsaMania tomorrow night with some friends for Part 2 of Karl’s Birthday Extravaganza!  There is a lot to celebrate when it come to that man, but I think tomorrow will be end of this year’s celebrations, though I’m sure Karl wouldn’t mind if we celebrated until the close of the month.


Head over to the Conversion Diary to find out how the filming went…

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