~7 Quick Takes Friday – Episode 32~

{Episode 32}

~ 1 ~

A dear friend and fellow artist posted this article on Facebook this week.  Reading about art and the importance of beauty stirs my soul.

I know why I love being an artist, and I find it invigorating when I see that confirmed by outside sources.

Here’s a small excerpt:

“Beauty is a necessity, not a luxury.  Beauty moves us, awakens us, provokes us, bringing freshness and newness to hearts that have too easily grown old and stale.  A luxury is something extra, added on after duties are complete.  But beauty is not something extra, it is what comes first. Because without beauty, the duties prove too hard and, eventually, seem pointless.  An old, tired soul cannot move itself, cannot sustain itself.  It ultimately fails in its tasks.  Beauty renews the soul, pointing us ever back to our origins and our destiny, making life begin again.”  (Continue reading…)

~Fr. Charles Klamut


Speaking of art and beauty, this weekend is the NY Encounter 2013 Experiencing Freedom.  I’m not able to attend the entire weekend, but I am going to check out a couple of the lectures and the exhibition.

It should be an inspiring time…


I finally accessed my dancing goals for the New Year.

Read more here.


The Quadrille Ball is a week from tomorrow!  I’ve been working hard with the other Junior Committee members to ready this year’s dancers.  I myself will not be attending the ball this year, as it is the same day as Henry’s baptism, but I’m still excited for the the ball!

From last year’s Quadrille Presentation:

photo by Frank Ammaccapane of Natural Expressions

photo by Frank Ammaccapane of Natural Expressions


One of the reasons I’m excited for the ball is I’ll get my Tuesday nights back!  Because once I get my Tuesday nights back, I am going to check out the adult beginner ballet program at Joffrey Ballet School.


I will still take a class or two at Ailey Extension because I love the ballet class there as well as the Beginning Horton class, but I’m also looking forward to seeing ballet from a different perspective.


I found out on Wednesday that my cousin is coming to New York today to perform at Carnegie Hall on Monday!  I am so excited!


If someone would have told me when this photo was taken that four and a half years later I would get to watch Sondra perform at Carnegie Hall because I was living on the East Coast, I never would have believed it!  But I sure as heck am glad it’s true!!!  Break a leg, Sondra!!!!

(And many thanks to Br. Paul for giving me the head’s up!)


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