At the Barre: Advice for Adult Beginners

Even though I will be starting classes with a different instructor next week, I still plan on popping in to one of Finis Jhung’s classes every now and again.  Thankfully, Finis has started a blog so I can still utilize his wisdom in between my cameos.  His posts address specific questions, issues, and difficulties of his students, and often include a video.  Here is an excerpt from his first post in January:

“Some of you who are adult beginners (or former dancers returning to class) find it difficult to remember and execute center combinations and you’ve asked if I can help you. I’ve come up with a checklist for Learning Combinations which you will see in my first eight posts.

If you find you’re tripping over your feet, can’t keep up with the music, and lose your concentration and can’t remember the sequence of movement, it may not be because you can’t remember, but more because you may have some technical issues…”

Read his assessment and solution to the above issue here.


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